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Cliff Hanger

Cliff Hanger is the UK`s only s&s combo tower ride, The ride opened in 2002 and is one of the tallest drop tower rides in Europe, its original design had red and white panels covering the tower from top to bottom but later they got removed to lower sections only. Other alteration in 2010 4 support cables that gave the tower added stability were removed and in 2013 the rock theme that spanned both sides of the ride got removed to make way for a new development called Riverside One.

It`s unique design gives the operator a choice of uses these are:-

  1. Launch only – sending riders from the ground to 180ft in seconds 
  2. Drop only – slowly climbs the tower to the top then a sudden free fall back to ground
  3. Combo – a combination of launch followed by drop mode.

Max rider per turn is 12 in sets of three facing different directions giving you views of the whole resort theme park and zoo.


  • Manufacturer S&S
  • Height – 180 ft
  • Opened 2002
  • One of the tallest drop tower rides in Europe
  • Part of Seaside Adventure

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