A family of competition winners, whose name was chosen for a baby giraffe born at Flamingo Land Resort Yorkshire, have enjoyed a face to face meeting.

Already towering above the family, Sophie the giraffe was born earlier this year and greeted her special visitors during a private VIP Giraffe Experience. The family, whose daughter is called Sophie, met the herd of Rothschild giraffes and helped the zoo keepers at feeding time.

“We all loved the feeding experience and it was fantastic for Geoff and I to see how excited both Ethan and Sophie were to get so close and hands on with these beautiful animals,” said Karen Trattles competition winner. “All the staff on site were extremely friendly and helpful throughout the day and we think we should make it an annual trip to see how Sophie and Sophie are growing.”

Giraffes as a species are listed as Vulnerable, with an estimated 1,600 Rothschild sub-species in the wild making the birth at Flamingo Land extra special. Threatened by habitat loss, civil unrest, poaching and ecological changes the giraffes at Flamingo Land are part of a global conservation programme to support the breeding of the species in captivity.


“We now have a family of six Rothschild giraffes and they are proving very popular with our visitors this Spring,” said Sarah Mills Director of Marketing Flamingo Land Resort Yorkshire. “We are delighted that Karen and her family enjoyed their time with our giraffe family and would like to remind visitors that they can enjoy keeper talks at 12 noon each day as part of their admission to the park.”

Further information about the theme park, zoo and Holiday Village can be found by visitinghttp://www.flamingoland.co.uk/