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Mumbo Jumbo

Mumbo Jumbo was opened in 2009 and was a world record holder for having the steepest drop at 112 degrees. The ride starts with a steep lift hill that takes no time in climbing, then a sharp left turn then onto the 112 degrees drop followed by a few twist turns drops and finishes on a half-pipe bend. Mumbo jumbo has 4 cars and each can carry 4 passengers, during the non busy period the ride runs on 2 cars. The track is black with orange supports the cars also match this colour scheme, if you have not experienced mumbo jumbo then what are you waiting for! On ride photos are also available.

Ride Restriction – Min Height 4′


  • Height – 98 ft
  • Speed – 20 mph
  • Drop – 112 degrees
  • Manufacturer – S&S

Ride Restriction: Min Height 4′ / 1.22m


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