Welcome to the Park Update Blog for 2017!


So to start off the biggest changes are on the site of seaside adventure. The area has been cleared and is under going a huge re-development that will include a multi lane Go Kart track. The professor bubbles children’s ride has been removed along with the adjoining building that had toilets and the chip shop “Something Fishy” and the 4d cinema has been removed from the unit. The Frog Hopper has been relocated next to the arcades and the Gallopers are now where the Balloon Racer used to be.

The 4d cinema unit will hold part of the go kart a second flood will have a soft play and spectating area for the new attraction and nearby areas this also links to the new People Mover station that its on the same floor so easy access on and off, a staircase and ramp are in place and a 2nd ramp located in front on cliffhanger will have a raised walkway leading to the people mover and soft play.

The chip shop has been moved to where the entrance for the 4d cinema was. The toilets have been refurbished with a racing car theme that looks really good. H.M.S Bouncy has been removed and is currently a big indoor seating area that looks a bit empty so we will be expecting something to go in there.

The Navigator used to be fenced off and had plants to one side meaning you could not get all the way around it but now stands alone giving you a full 360 walk around it. Considering all the work that is going on the construction areas are fenced off but all paths are clear and clean so no obstructions or mess!

Moving on and the Jungle Joes is no more its now renamed to Zanzibar Food Market with an awesome entrance fitting perfectly with the pirate theme. The Daktari Express has had all 3 Stations updated with a concrete wood effect platform so no more slippy floor in the rain! And now the train travels anti clockwise, it might not seam much but sometimes travelling in the opposite direction makes all the difference.

Up a the zoo and a path way has been opened between the mansion house and the parrotsphere creating a quick short cut. The zoo monorail has had a theme change from the flamingo land logos to a red and orange effect.

overall the park has had a good clean up and plenty of improvements, keep coming back to the blog for more updates and if you have news or updates to share email them to Info@flamingopics.co.uk