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Pterodactyl was installed in 2012 and has been a very good investment, not only a ride with a difference its brought whole new themed area to Flamingo Land. The ride has a great fear element due to it only been a “swing” ride, The speed, height and excitement all comes together to give you a experience like no other.

When the ride opened it was classed as located in primeval, but at the start of 2013 season we found out that Dino-stone park was to be created and Pterodactyl would be part of it. The ride is themed with coloured print triangles around the lifting section and features a rock them bottom.

Ride Restrictions – Min Height 4’0″ / 1.22m



  • Height – 151 ft
  • Speed – 10 rpm
  • Manufacturer – Soriani
  • Opened 2012

Ride Restrictions: Min Height 4’0″ / 1.22m

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