Over the next few weeks you will only be able to access our news feed. The reason for this is we are having a major sort out on the site that will mean new features and rather than take the website down or let visitors had issues loading the site we have left access to our news feed.

New Features

  • Forum

Back in 2012 when we launched we stared as a forum and that closed in 2014. We have had a big response for the forum to return so thats what will happen, it will be fresh easy to use and you will be able to login with Facebook.

  • Media search

Soon you will be able to search for media for example/ Tigers winter 2015, and all images related will load. We Have over 3000 Images for you to look through dating back to the 1960s.

  • Rating system

You will be able rate things from rides to food to help us build our flamingo stats that will be posted each month.

  • Feedback

We love your feedback so you will be able to signup to our monthly feedback list, this will help us improve as we move forward

Lastly Competitions 

We will be giving away stickers, badges, mugs, maps, pens and more! 

We are sorry for disruption but will be worth it.


Flamingopics Team

Comtact us on facebook and info@flamingopics.co.uk