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New For 2020 Construction Updates

4th March 2019

So with rumours going about that a new ride is coming to flamingo land we have started up our timeline to keep track of things. Up to now the pink Elephants & Teacups have been moved to the north side of velocity. Currently the cycle monorail and runaway mine train still remain in the same place and are both expected to be removed or relocated.


20th March 2019

One of our members at our sister group has kindly shared some photos.

Thanks Poppy

To join the group visit www.history.flamingopics.co.uk


As you can see the cycle monorail track has been removed we are not sure if this will be relocated.

The teacups and pink elephants are almost installed and work has started for what looks like the new home of the Runaway Mine Train between Zooom and Dino-Stone Park

6th April 2019

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