Brazilian tapirs come from the rain forests of Brazil and are also found living in the neighbouring countries in northern and central South America. They spend much of their time wallowing in water and mud, or lying about in the shade of the forest’s undergrowth. The tapir’s short, fleshy, trunk-like nose helps the animal to sniff its way through the forest and is a sensitive ‘finger’ used to pull leaves and shoots towards its mouth. This prehensile snout also makes a great snorkel when the tapirs are bathing. They love water and are excellent swimmers.
Did You Know…
Tapirs in water will swim, sink to the bottom and walk along the river bed to feed, A tapir has four toes on its fore feet and only three on its hind.
Diet – Grasses, leaves, buds, soft twigs, fruits of low growing shrubs, aquatic vegetation and green shoots.
Threat Status –  Vulnerable