Burmese Pythons

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Burmese Pythons are one of the largest snakes reaching a length of over 7 meters (20 feet) and weighing as much as 91 kilograms 9200 lb) They can be found in the jungles of Burma, Malaysia and Thailand. After mating females can lay between 20 and 100 eggs they will be kept warm by the female and once they hatch the young snakes are totally independent and require no parental care. These snakes can eat prey that is much larger than the size of their head and the girth of their bodies. They do this by unhinging the bottom jaw.
Did you know…
Burmese Pythons are great swimmers and can stay submerged in water for up to 30 minutes.
Diet – Appropriately sized birds and mammals
Threat status – Near Threatened.
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