We have been working very hard to get our website updated. when pages are updated they will be added to the log below, the progress bars show our uploading status once we reach 100% on each category the pages will be added to the log. We are looking for a 3 week time scale for getting everything up and tested.

What to expect on our big update…

  • All New Forum – not all of our followers are on social media so adding a forum will provide a home for those how want to keep updated.
  • Image Search – our smart image search will enable visitors to find those images fast and easy. for example – search rides 2013 or red panda 2016 and results will show what your looking for.
  • New Media – we have over 11,500 images to share with you and we have over 5,000 uploaded.
  • Guides & Information – we aim to provide you with the best information we can. 
  • Online Help – our online chat bot will help you find the answers to your questions.
  • All New rides and attractions guides
  • Holiday Resort – a guide on the holiday resort 



Uploading 8%
Rides & Attractions
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Uploading 39%
Holiday Resort
Uploading 20%

Update Log..

23/09/2019 / Time- 18:53