Dino-Stone Park  is a new themed area to flamingo land for the 2013 season, the theme is based on dinosaurs. Dino-Stone park will have 5 rides in total, 2 of the rides are new and currently been installed.
02-06-2013 | Dino-Stone Park has improved yet again, more construction and features like the news bins more fencing and more dinosaurs. Things are taking shape now with the opening of Twistasourus the area looks more full fun rather than a building site. Here are just some of the photos we have from today, more will be added soon when we create the “Dino-stone Page” but for now here is our latest…..

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19-05-2013 | More changes on our latest visit, the entrance is not far from finished and the detail is very high. This new themed area is a big investment and a very good one.

11-05-2013 | Big things have changed since our last update. The entrance is looking better, twistosaurus is now half complete and other changes as you can see on the pictures.

4-03-2013 | Once the foundations had been finished steel frames had been erected and the block work started for the ride stations, also the entrance to the area was been created.