Endangered Rothschild Giraffe born at Flamingo Land Resort

Flamingo Land Resort is delighted to announce the birth of a Rothschild Giraffe calf to parents George (8 years old) and Lizzy (5 years old) at 3am on Sunday 22nd March 2015.  This takes our herd to a total of 7.  After a vet visit last week, it has been confirmed that this is a female, and will be named via a Name the Baby competition shortly.  She has now met the herd and will be making her public debut later this week.
The Rothschild giraffe herd at Flamingo Land was formed 6 years ago with the arrival of George and 2 females, and to date we have had 4 calves.  This calf has one ‘full sibling’, a female called Pixie that was born on 12th March 2013, (almost exactly 2 years ago).  The calf also has 2 half brothers, born to the same father – Rufus who was born in 2011 and Brad who was born in January 2013.
Rothschild giraffes are listed as Endangered by the IUCN and their population is still decreasing. Our giraffes are part of the European Endangered Species Programme (EEP).  George was born at Woburn Safari Park in Bedfordshire and Lizzy was born in Opel Zoo in Germany.
The 2 photographs that were taken when she was 8 hours old!
Credits to flamingo land for the photos.