Greater Rhea

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The Greater Rhea is a flightless bird that is often mistaken for an Ostrich. The legs of the Greater Rhea are extremely powerful. They allow this bird to move at very fast speeds. They have great balance due to the three toes on each foot. It is the largest South American bird, flightless, unmistakeable due to its great height, massive legs, and terrestrial habits. Rheas live in flocks of 30 or more individuals, females lay their eggs in a communal nest which is no more than a scrape in the ground. The nest can hold up to 80 eggs at a time, number of rheas are falling due to humans hunting them for their eggs.
Did You Know…
They may live for 20 years.
Diet – Omnivores: feeding on seeds, fruits, small reptiles and insects.
Threat Status – Near Threatened
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