Hamadryas Baboon

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The Baboon is the largest type of monkey. they can grow up to 3ft long and weigh up to 100 pounds, these animals are very fast on land. Their reactions have to be super fast to catch food like lizards and snakes. One male will dominate up to 10 females. The hamadryas female baboon gives birth every two years. The baboon’s range extends from the Red Sea in Eritrea to Ethiopia, Djibouti and Somalia. Baboons are also native to and live in southwestern Arabia, in both Yemen and Saudi Arabia.The Hamadryas baboon lives in semi-desert areas, savannas and rocky areas.
Did You Know…
The red skin on a baboon’s bottom is actually a leathery seating pad which allows them to sit and sleep upright.
Diet – Omnivores, eating both plants and meat; grass, insects, lizards, small mammals and snakes.
Threat Status – Least Concerned
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