Happy New Year

First of all Flamingopics would like to wish you all a Happy New Year and a massive thank you to all the support we have had this year.
This year has been a huge success for Flamingopics we have reached further than the targets we set in January, we have kept our word on ‘bringing you the latest media’ and we think we have done the job. When the idea of flamingopics was created it was a small project to see what size fan base is out there and your views on flamingo land but over the months things got better and we decided to make the site permanent.

In the past flamingo land fans have had various fan sites to keep updated on news and changes to the park but non exist to this date, only Flamingopics brings you 100% flamingo news and we will continue this for years to come!
2014 will bring new features, more media and a chance to be part of flamingopics!

Once again thank you.