Humboldt Penguins

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In total there are 18 different species of penguins. Not all species of penguins are found in the cold areas of the Antarctic, the penguins at Flamingo Land are Humboldt penguins and are found in south America along the coast of Chile and Peru. Humboldt Penguins are medium-sized penguins, growing to 56–70 cm (22–28 in) long, they have a black head with a white border that runs from behind the eye, around the black ear-coverts and chin, and joins at the throat.
Due to a declining population caused in part by over-fishing, climate change, and ocean acidification, the current status of the Humboldt penguin is threatened. The current population is estimated at between 3,300 and 12,000.
Did You Know…
Humboldt penguins can swim at speeds of 30mph and reach depths of 150 metres.
Diet – Pescevores: krill, sardines, herring, squid, anchovies and sprats.
Threat Status – Vulnerable
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