Keeper Talks

Flamingo lands keeper talks are the best ways to find out all the information you could possible want to know about the animals for instance, what food they eat, threat status, and were you would find them in the wild. Each talk will last around 15 minutes and at the end of each talk you have the chance to ask questions.


  • Black Rhino Talk – 11:30am – Location/ on the balcony 
  • Giraffes & Hippos: 12 noon – Location/  viewing balcony for hippos & giraffes
  • Baboons: 12:30pm – Location/ opposite the wallaby walkway at the baboon island
  • Tigers: 1:00pm  – Location/ on the tiger viewing platform
  • Lemurs: 2:00pm – Location/ opposite the parrotsphere
  • Meet a Creature: 3:15pm 
  • Penguins: 3:30pm – Location/ on the penguin walkway. 

These Talks are Free for day & holiday guests and last around 10-15 minutes.
No booking is required.
For each location on talks visit the flamingo land park map and guides.
Winter Talk times HERE