Kumali is a suspended looping coaster located in the lost kingdom, the track is painted blue and the supports are painted yellow along with an African theme. Kumali was installed in 2006 at the cost of £6 million.

Ride Layout – The seating is 2 persons side by side and can hold 24 riders each ride, with the ride been a suspended coaster riders are hanging from the track giving a very different experience, once strapped in you go up the lift hill right up to 117.75 ft then its the free fall with a G-force of 4.7, after the drop its a tight loop into the cobra roll that is suspended over the lake, coming out of cobra roll its a horizontal twist before a big right loop then a sharp stop then you are back in the station.


  • Height – 117 ft
  • Length – 2,202 ft
  • Speed – 54 mph
  • Drop – 111 ft
  • Inversions – 4
  • G-Force 4.7
  • Manufacturer – Vekoma
  • Opened – 2006


Ride Restriction:- Min Height 4’6″ / 1.37m