NEW FOR 2015

Here is whats Planned for 2015

  • Arrival of the Black Rhino`s

This spring will see the arrival of the Black Rhinos, the rhinos will be located in the new reserve next to baboon island and the wallaby walkway. The enclosure will have a large raised walkway along the rear with a great viewing area.

  • Leisure Centre

If your a guest in the holiday village then you can take advantage of the new refurbished leisure centre, Featuring a new gym, steam room, sauna, jacuzzi, spa, cafe and excellent changing facilities.

  • Riverside Cottages

Adding to the holiday resort will be Riverside Cottages, Located at Riverside One you will be at the center of all the action with great views of riverside one you wont have far to go for entertainment. The cottages are between the holiday village shop and Mumbo Jumbo.

We understand that no new rides will be installed and no rides will be removed this year, although flamingo lands plans may change during the season.