Rides In & Out

With the recent news of the Sky Flyer leaving Flamingo Land we have taken a look back at how the park has changed over the years. We have looked at rides that have opened and the rides that have closed since the year 2000. In total 17 rides have been installed and 15 have been removed. When you look that the current ride list to past list you can see a lot of great rides have left but Flamingo land would not be where it is today with the attractions it had in the past.

The area that the sky flyer has left is not the prime spot for a big attraction but is suitable for a smaller ride, the site where the corkscrew once stood has been waiting for development for years, maybe… 2016 might be the year!



Rides In Rides Out
Magnum Force 2000
2001 Flying Trapeze
Cliff Hanger 2002
Voodoo 2003 Klondike Creek
2004 Thunder Mountain
Lost River Ride 2004 Top Gun
Velocity 2005 Magnum Force
Navigator 2005 The Bullet
Kumali 2006 Zig Zag
Tractor Ride 2006 Waltzer
Runaway Train 2007
Splash Battle 2007 Terroriser
4D Cinema 2008 Tidal Wave
Flip Flop 2008
Mumbo Jumbo 2009
Zooom 2011 Corkscrew
Pterodactyl 2012 Wild Mouse
Hero 2013 Dodgems
Twistosaurus 2013 4D Cinema (Closed)
 4D Cinema (Open) 2015 Sky Flyer