Sumatran Tigers

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Flamingo land currently have two tigers and both are Sumatran, they have one male and one female. The population of Sumatran tigers are around 400 in the wild and is the only surviving member of the Sunda Islands group of tigers that included the now extinct Bali tiger and Javan tiger. Sumatran tigers are especially well represented in zoos around the world, most of which participate in conservation breeding programs.The Sumatran tiger is one of the smallest tiger subspecies. Males weigh 100 to 140 kg and measure 220 to 225 cm and Females weigh 75 to 110 kg and measure 215 to 230 cm.
Did You Know…
Tigers’ tails are three to four feet long. Tigers are excellent swimmers, and they have webbed paws to help them swim faster. A group of tigers is called a streak.
Diet – Deer, pigs, and snakes and that’s just a few thing that these animal eat.
Threat Status – Critically endangered
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