Flamingo Land is delighted to announce the birth of three stunning Sumatran Tiger Cubs.


The cubs (2 female and 1 male) were born on March 22nd to our breeding pair, Surya (mother) and Bawa (father) and are, as yet, unnamed.

Recent estimates of World population levels of Sumatran Tigers are as low as 400 so we are extremely proud of being part of this massive boost of a nearly 1% increase in world population numbers. The average life expectancy of these tigers in the wild is only 4 years, but the expected lifespan of Surya and Bawa is in excess of 20 years. We can now look forward to many more productive years for our breeding pair as a vital part of worldwide conservation efforts to save this species from extinction.

Our Zoo vet has now indicated that our cubs are ready to be released into their outside enclosure and we would like to invite you to be part of this very special day.

On Wednesday, 21st May at 10am we will be lifting the hatch and allowing these very special newborns into the outside world for the very first time.

We sincerely hope you can join us to record this momentous achievement and hopefully witness some fantastic scenes, which represent a historic moment in the survival of these majestic creatures.

Flamingo Land Facts:

Flamingo Land has its own conservation and research programme in Tanzania called the UFP (Udzungwa Forest Project). This project has discovered a new species of chameleon and two new varieties of Acacia trees.

Flamingo Land is also home to two Red Pandas since last year.

Flamingo Land was awarded the Guinness World Record in 2009 for its Mumbo Jumbo roller coaster having the steepest drop in the world at 112°.

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